Curse of a subjective mind.

Time, now. Space, here.

These words have been scribed to tell you the subjective story of an object.
In that hand there is an object


could be better

In that hand there is a stone

We are about to investigate why.

Question 1 what is the object?

The object is something apart from the subject, something material unknown to the subjectivity. This is an object


 The object exist in the 4 dimensions, time, space x, y and z

We distinguish this object from that object by its phenomenal container

Question 2 how do we seize the object outside our subjectivity?

We perceive the object in the external world by use of our 5 senses, sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing

 This is the reality we perceive with 5 senses and 4 dimensions

a flower

Got a bit lazy.

Here and now this is a flower

Question 3 do we know the object as it is for itself?

We do not know the object as it is for itself but as we sense it, our empirical knowledge shows flower from stone in our efficient cause this continues to the final cause of the object, its purpose.

Armed with knowledge you are now entering the Hyperuranion, we can now picture the subjectivity of the object, here there are no boundaries but you, and there is no space but movement, the moving cause of the object. There is no time just flux.

Everywhere and forever is a stone is a stone is a flower.


Clear your mind, maybe you’ll see.

I don’t know how many of you know this but I love skating, whether its rollerblades or skateboard I am usually down for a session. I got a new penny deck, you know the sweet organic ones, I had a chance to take it for a spin today. then it happened … the heavens opened up on me and my God did it rain, I took shelter under a bus stop cold, wet and well pissed cause my new wheels had water inside them. I had a thought at that point, lm here the rain is here, why cant I skate? I unstrapped my longboard from my bag and that’s when the fun began. the marble was wet, slippery and God did I love it. why does the rain have to limit my possibilities I came to skate and I did, happily.


Stay awesome internet.

Peace out.