Wisenheimer…and friends. *Late show appendix A*

So I thought I would start this reboot with a question, on the objective morality of the social working class and the generalist ideologies of what it means to wholly accept the Marxist thought patterns and cognitions.

Marxism, excluding the perversions brought on by the capitalist miss-conceptions of communism through the small scoped eyes of the retrospective demographic, which we will label “U” for future reference. I would have liked to say that I chose the letter randomly, but it was strongly inspired by the comfort in aestheticism and social ignorance of this class in deep rooted services, such as the utopian delusion.

This class enjoys the ability to easy sacrilege the governing body in wrongly placed hope of an idealist state. They enjoy to critic any authoritarian figure which understandably is the core of any governing body no matter how liberal the house is.

The close comparison between the socialism and capita led ideologies is that in both systems the core citizen is judged on ability to perform for the system and is rewarded with surplus relative to the contribution they put in, everybody gets something, but the system distributes the profits to those that input more into the social systems. this pure idea cant be reciprocated in the capita led ecosystems, because capita plays fall on one human vice, greed.

Word for food.