Bright idea 8 Autosuggestion – “you’ll never be alone”

Upon satisfaction.

In one’s life the period allocated to you here on earth is never enough to achieve all that we hope to accomplish. Some look towards higher powers to bargain for more time or a promise of afterlife, to where they hope to find enlightenment. While others accept fate and choose to look for death in order to die on their terms. I particularly don’t fully appreciate these view points, I mean its only human to want to lay mid ground.

One emotion that both theist and atheist fear is pure emptiness whether it’s an empty promise of afterlife or just emptiness of death. I have come to understand that to overcome this emotion a strong will of faith is need one that blinds all obvious facts to the arrogant and naïve believer. Standing mid-way again, I choose a set of principles, they aren’t an ends but more of a means to make me see a bigger picture than my logical side paints for me, however this knowledge is mine and can be yours implying you believe it ought to be yours though our thought patterns would have to be similar to a point where you can at the least think like me to be… well me.

1st principle 5 with 4th being 4. Creative imagination coil desire then understand you don’t have a burning desire. 11th every morning you wake up knowing exactly what you’re going to do and why, but all the real joy is taken out of it. 5th faith, don’t fight it. Go to a quiet place, perhaps in your room at night, close your eyes….hold it…. I can touch it with my hands – imagination 9th principle you’ll never be alone. 8th know what you want like all states of mind the mastery of procrastination. 6th no one knows everything except for 2, think about it. With no place to go the 2nd is a state of mind, sudden thought or inspiration. Understand now the 6th principle is the 6th principle, the 6th sense. The 14th and final principle is the 12th principle, the one and only woman, the importance of a woman, you’ll never be alone. 10th is whatever you do for a living. The 3rd and this is important, this is it, thoughts are things. 7th time means nothing to your subconscious. 13th understand once and for all you’ll never be alone

“Here on earth”