Its not summer yet jackass.

I could conquer a mile or two
but I earn friends my amigo
the word is the weakest
the world is the meanest

strive to live a day or more
without a cause its all folklore
but the centre is what I need
once I arrive I leave
to never once more enter

its ok I live and trust in life I don’t
why place mistrust when trust is blind
to all but my eye, to see all and let non past
at the rate lm moving you cant understand

so you just stand there, blind to fierce ambition
its bold, brash and moving
to me you’re tasteless, I’ve got beef with no season in mind

trust me no pun intended
just false lives of the reincarnated
so please put me on colossus
so I can flow just like molasses

justice for all I’ve got new targets
in the land of Ooo
that’s how I do it

like an adventure for all without the mollies
but I don’t pop molly, I pop nollies
its just math when lm over that pothole.





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