On account of Kami.

Can God count to infinity?

its helpful to distinguish between a potential infinite and an actual infinite sequence. A potential infinite is a series which has a beginning i.e. 0, and is growing indefinitely; infinity serves as a limit of the series which it never reaches.  while an actual infinite is a collection which includes an infinite number of members, that is, the numbers of members in the collection exceeds any natural number, so think of it as a massively theoretical number that you can call anything you like e.g. Darrel-million, however the number will always stay the same…infinity .

Counting generates a potential infinite, this is because you are counting a progressive sequence . To say that someone could count to infinity is to say that a potential infinite could be converted into an actual infinite by adding one member at a time. That’s impossible, because for any natural number n, n+1 is always a finite number and not to mention actual infinity has to remain theoretical or the world might explode due to some mad scientist trying to break the laws of the natural world.

The question is, could someone count all the natural numbers one at a time by never beginning but ending at 0? To my mind that is just as impossible as the first task. If you can’t count to infinity, how could you count down from infinity? If I’m right about this, then the series of past events cannot be infinite, either potentially or actually—potentially because it is not growing in a backward direction toward infinity, nor actual because you can’t get through an actually infinite number of items one at a time. So the series of past events must have had a beginning. bamboozled yet? well think of it this way, if you have a library and you have an infinite number of books what happens when you take one book? you are left with infinity, right. so lets say you take infinity and 4 away, you might say the answer is -4 but you are wrong, infinity does not play by the rules of conventional science and can not or should not be used in regular equations, why? that’s because infinity will always give infinity no matter what you do to it. so from this you can deduce the library can never be changed, but we know the universe is always changing so it must have a beginning.

now if god is infinite he can’t be changed he should be able to conjure an actual infinite series but not a potential one. another way to understand this is to accept the god only puts this in motion hence he is pure actuality, so by interacting with a potential series it should turn to an actual one instead.

peace out interwebs, thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “On account of Kami.

  1. It seems to me like your thinking of infinity to much as an actual value than what it really is which is a concept, asking if one could count to infinity is like asking if one could count to blue, it just doesn’t make sense. similarly infinity can not be attributed to any physical objects in our universe and using physical metaphors such as a library to try and understand infinity will just lead to confusion as our minds cannot comprehend infinitely an large object or number of objects. saying infinity -1 is not a valid mathematical statement as infinity does not have a value, that is why things are merely said to tend towards infinity rather than to equal it.
    A god could not count to infinity as it is an human concept and the point of this concept is that it is not countable but instead used to describe sequences which diverge whose value can not be found, If a god does exist however it would surely transcend our mathematical system and be able to comprehend the things you speak of.

    • hey, the main idea of this, is to argue both sides of philosophy and meta-physics. In theological studies you have 2 infinities that are separate from the generic mathematical ideals of what infinity actually is e.g. hypothetical and definite infinity. thank you for your comment if you need more clarification then feel free to inbox me.

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